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How much is Business Insurance in Florida?

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Owning your own business is part of the American dream – you can become anything you want to be; and your success can depend solely on how hard you work.  After you went to college, you spent a few years in the workforce gaining experience and then you grew tired of working for someone else.  You hung out a sign with your name on it, got some business cards printed and started drumming up work.  It took a couple years, but you’re finally starting to see the benefits of those long hours and weekend planning sessions. 

You work hard for your clients, and pride yourself on your honest and fair dealings with the people you work for and before you know it, ten years have passed and you’re established.  You look around and realize that you’ve turned that idea into a company that is not only surviving, it’s thriving. 

One of the downsides to your business is the fact that not everyone is of the same mindset as you are.  You may do your best work for someone, and they may decide that they don’t agree with your work.  They take a loss, and decide you’re to blame.  The next thing you know, you’re opening a summons for a deposition naming you in a lawsuit. 

In yet another business owner nightmare, one rainy day a customer is walking into your office and slips on the tile floor.  They limp back to their car, and you get sued for the “accident” that landed them in the hospital for observation. 

How can you run your business when you are worried about the possible ramifications that a lawsuit can have? Easily, if you took out Florida business insurance at https://floridainsurancequotes.net/business-insurance-quote/.  Florida business insurance covers you in the event of someone making a claim against your business – the work that you’ve done, something that happens in your office, or other acts that people may seek legal recourse for. 

Let’s face it – sometimes things happen.  That slip in the office lobby? It really did happen.  The tile can be slippery when wet, and the client did get hurt as a result.  So while you didn’t cause the accident, or intend for anyone to get hurt, someone did get hurt at your business.   Florida business insurance is there for just that reason – in case something happens at your business.  That’s why you carry it, and that’s why it is so important. 

The cost of Florida business insurance from https://floridainsurancequotes.net/business-insurance-quote/ is negligible when you consider the alternative.  The average cost of general liability insurance, is around $60 per month. Most small business owners are paying between $400-$600 dollars for their policies.

Not having the insurance can be devastating when you have to carry the expense of running your business as well as the added costs of medical bills or litigation.  Speak to your licensed insurance agent about the possibility of bundling your insurance plans – providing you extra savings while maintaining your coverage.  Yes, the cost of doing business just went up.  But the alternative – working for someone else – just isn’t acceptable.  It’s worth the extra costs for the peace of mind, and the added sense of accomplishment that you have mastered the art of running your business. 

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